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A zippy sci-fi adventure that keeps both the narrator and the reader on their toes.

Usually on a Friday night, blogger Enoch Maarduk would be out with his buddies... But on the one night he decides to stay home, his life changes forever: A representative, Phoebe... — from a shadowy organization called PHANTASM — shows up at Enoch’s door with an offer and a mission.

PHANTASM claims that Enoch’s theoretical, unproven work on electromagnetic energy is far from fantastical; in fact, it presents real potential for — and danger to — the future of mankind. As Enoch and Phoebe embark upon an investigation into a colleague’s mysterious death, they discover a global network of electromagnetic beings that can manipulate another creature’s volition as a means of achieving their own nefarious ends. As Enoch and Phoebe dig deeper, they uncover a plot that brings the revelation unsettlingly close to home — humans may be the next target.

Mellott blends high-tech sci-fi with rapid-fire dialogue, making for an appropriately high-energy reading experience. Told from Enoch’s point of view, the narrative balances the action with its protagonist’s inner thoughts and witty asides. Occasionally, Enoch is a bit too clever for his own good, posturing for the reader and for Phoebe, but he’s just as often cut down to size by his own folly and boyish arrogance via sharp one-liners delivered by the flinty Phoebe.

Readers will delight in Mellott’s flights of imagination as well as in his feel for emotional slapstick. Steeped in cutting-edge neuroscience, literary arcane and comic-book culture, this action-packed tale will satisfy readers looking for entertainment with substance.
— from Kirkus Reviews
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Comments left by readers
Tom F
If the second book is only 1/2 as good as the first one, it will be enjoyable. If it's as good as the first one I am going to love it!! I enjoy your style of writing so much (we're both weird?) that I could have easily paid you $100 for your first one. And no I have not been drinking. Not yet. And maybe I shouldn't have told you I would pay you $100 but it's too late now. I have a feeling Enoch and Phoebe would approve!
William Pullin
A great addition to my home library! I don't read very much fiction, but this work was well worth the exception. Looking forward to the next literary journey.....
Keith M Green
Reading this book often caused annoyance. Mostly because I would dive into the creative and thought provoking world of Exophobe on an early morning train ride and subsequently find myself confronted with sultry looks from haggard faces as my laughter pierced the hypnagogia of their commute to work. So, if you do read this, make sure you're not in a library. A rambling adventure that casually struts the tight rope of cohesive writing and a tangent filled flustercluck, this book has just the right blend of wit, charm and mystery to keep you guessing and guffawing at a rapid pace. The story follows a Enoch, a regular guy through an international conspiracy concerning a number of secret organisations and touches on ideas surrounding aliens, arcane magick and the occult. A mixture of chaotic internal monologues, good ol' (and new) fashioned sci-fi concepts and glimpsing phrases of truth and meaning, 'Exophobe' delights and excites with a twist at every turn and a writing style that not only captures the reality of human thought and group dynamics, but tops it off with a more than a pinch of humour. Like a lot more. Seriously. There were so many puns in this book that even me (who enjoys a lot of punishment (get it?)) got a bit annoyed at the protagonist making so many jokes, but hey, being someone who often does/attempts to do the same, I'd have my pants on fire if I said I'd never pissed anyone off by making a joke an inappropriate moment, so all in all it added to the realism of the characters. That was definitely one thing that I thought D. Kenton Mellott really had down, the characters were truly 3 dimensional (even the ones that didn't exist in the physical world) and it added a tasty layer of reality to this novel work of fiction. Combine that with a decent plot that builds to a tingling climax through compound meaning and the result is a thoroughly enjoyable adventure with the pages set to pun. All in all a great read, lots of jokes, good story arc, cool aliens and enough sexual tension to make you blush. Just what you want from a sci-fi.
Margaret V
Hello Sir! I just wanted to share with you that this book is one of my favorite books ever. The imagery, detail, diction, all of it was flawless to me. I stumbled upon this book in a small out-of-the-way bookstore and I am so glad I did. I can't explain it, but I really connect with this book in ways I haven't before. So thank you for Exophobe.
This has easily become one of my favorite books of all time. I can't wait for the next one! The style of writing is unique, entertaining, and highly immersive. Any passerby that witnessed my reading of the book would have surely thought me to be a raving lunatic. Often I would burst out with laughter and in return receive strange looks. I will recommend this book to everyone I know!
Mike Wilson
I finished the book, and am eagerly awaiting the next one. I am trying to get as many of my friends to order it as I can just to have someone to talk about it.
Mike Wilson
I bought the book at Dallas Comic Con and just started reading it last night. It kept me up all night, and now I have not been productive at work today. Thank you.
Julie M. Coffey
I finished your book, Exophobe, and I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed it completely. As your reader, I couldn't help but imagine Enoch to be you, so now you have some special powers in my mind! As a writer, you forced me to slow down my reading so that I would catch the subtle wit and clever twists that you included. There were no periods where the action dragged along, and the characters were sympathetic and realistic. Most of my reading was done in airports, so I want you to know that I held the book up high where other travelers could get a good look at the cover/title and maybe search for it. I am anxiously awaiting the next book, so put me on your email list and let me know when and where I can buy it.
Angela Bullock
I started reading your book last night. Thanks for keeping me up until the rooster crowed. Not a real rooster, mind you, but you get the picture. I met you for a brief yet enjoyable moment at Dallas Comic Con on Saturday. You, sir, are a character! Thank you for taking the time to tell me about the book and pique my interest. I shall post my overall impressions of the story soon.. most likely tomorrow. I have a LOT of coffee on hand.
Tracie J.
Met you at the Dallas Comic Con. Just ordered the book after laughing out loud over the first chapter on this site. My husband said, "Is it really that funny?" While laughing I management to get out a "Yes!!!!" bawhahaaahaaa Thanks! I needed a good laugh. Excited to read the entire book.